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Meth mickey is a possesed mickey mouse suit that is always high on cocaine.


Meth mickey looks like a normal mickey mouse suit, but with rounder and smaller ears,one eye bigger than the other and an erect tail.


He will start at the Janitors closet, where he will wake up from a hangover, then he will go to the bathroom to relieve himself.After that he goes to the meat freezer, the lounge and finally the office.


'Heyyyy man u want som cocaine???'

'Brooo im so fucked up rn mannnnn'

'I need som water mannnn'

'Im high as fuck brooo'

'..I gott the horsesss in the backkk... horse tack is attacheddddd..'


  • It is believed that Meth mickey was possesed by the spirit of a cocaine addict.
  • Meth mickey really likes rap music and listens to rappers like 6ix9ine, Dora the explorer and Shane dawson.
  • Meth mickey sells cocaine on the black market during the daytime, when no one is around.
  • When Meth mickey isnt selling cocaine,he browses e621 on the night guards tablet. 
  • Meth mickey is a big fan of Projared and wishes to become like him one day.