Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Mich May Look Like Mickey Mouse But He Has Blue Shorts, Green Shoes, And Wears A Purple Bow Tie.

(Daytime/The Pizza Club) Quotes

"Welcome To The Show!"

"Let's Play!"

"We'll Have Lots Of Fun!"

"I'm Always Ready For Some Games!"

(Nighttime/Office) Quotes

"You Don't Come Around Here Offen Do Ya...?"

"Let's Play My Favorite Game Hide And Seek..."

"Come Out Come Out Where Ever You Are..."

"You Can't Hide Forever Ya Know..."

"I'll Find You... When I Do... You Probably Won't Like What's Gonna Happen To You..."

(Sometimes He Laughs While He Moves)

Game Over Quotes

"Things Were Going Great... Until You Showed Up..."

"I Found You!"



He Might Be Similar To Lefty From FNaF 6.

Mich Is Actually Mickey Mouse's Abandoned Brother.

He Might Be An Easter Egg To Abandoned Discovery Island.

Sound Files

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