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Mick is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned:Discovery Island


A Mickey suit without ears and eyes,he doesn't hear,but he can see without eyes.


Mick is a Normal Mickey toon,but he doesn't have eyes and ears.


Mick starts in Broadcasting Room,when active,the big TV turn on,but doesn't show any image,after Mick leaves,the big TV turn off,after leaving from Broadcasting Room,he goes to Character Prep 1,Staff Area,Meat Freezer and the office,if he's in the office,hide under the desk,shutting off the power will work too,if you shut off a camera,it won't work,since Mick doesn't have ears.Failing will result into a jumpscare


Mick doesn't have a shade at all,if the power is off,he won't be active


  • His model is MickMick without ears,eyeballs and after a CTRL + R
  • Maybe,Mick is connected with MickMick
  • Originally,Mick's starting location was Caverns Entrance
  • He doesn't speak at all
  • he is not affected by Disembodied


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