MickMouse, is the Protagonist Suit at One Week at Disney.


He is a regular Mickey Mouse Suit with his Red Shirt Some Colors Not Changed, But There is Changes with MickMouse

Two White Holes from His Shirt is Yellow, His Left Ear Lost Half and His Eye is Purple.


He Will Start On Stage, If You Do Not See Him On Camera, He Will Randomly Go To, Accessible Area. He Can Access

  • Main Room
  • Dining Area A
  • Hallway A
  • Hallway B

And after that, he will be seen in the Window, The Player must look at him for a long time. Moving, Watching Cameras, Will Cause Players Killed By Him.

When He Moves, He Will Speak

  • Hello Anybody Its Me MickMouse.
  • Miskah Muskah Mickey Mouse.
  • Hello There [When in the Office].


He Started on Stage, Where He is a Mascot Suit in the Front Of Disney Fans.



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