Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Mick Drowned is an Easter egg and an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island


He is a spirit of a kid who drowned on the island. His spirit now possesses the Mickey suit and scares away visitors and employees. He also sometimes kill them.


He appears to be a normal Mickey suit expect with human eyes with blood pouring out. He also have a evil smile on his face. He also have human teeth.


He starts at night 4 inside the tv in the broadcast room. He can be seem climbing out of there. He will also go to other rooms. He can sometimes be seen on the Roof showing trees with creepy faces with him having hollow, wide eyes and a wide smile as his shade. This is considered a hallucination. When in the office, the player must put up the monitor until he leaves or he will kill you. the player must not do anything that fends off a suit or he will kill you. He says things like " You should of never have done what you did" or " Your life is not real", " You have met your own fate... of nightmares" and " Drowned... now back to drown you".


Mick Drowned starts at Broadcast room then goes to Character prep 1, Staff area, Meat freezer, then office. sometimes he's on the roof.


  • He's the only character so far to have a shade that is not from a power outage and as a hallucination.
  • He is a parody of a popular creepypasta " Ben Drowned".
  • He has the ability to teleport, go inside tv's and computers, and play tricks on others by making scary hallucinations.
  • If the character gets killed by Mick Drowned then press " DROWNED" on the main menu, it shows a distorted version of the island as there is no ambiance, instead, it's a small world played backwards and distortedly is played. Only Mick Drowned is active. It's been confirmed to be a secret night.
  • Despite having a backstory, he is still considered as an Easter egg.
  • A rare screen sometimes pop up if killed by Mick Drowned showing him looking down with no eyes saying " You should of never have done what you did"l