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Mick the Mouse is a fan made OC in Abandoned Discovery Island. He is inspired by Bon from 'The Walten Files'.


Mick the Mouse's appearance in unwithered form is identical to Mickey Mouse. He wears red pants with white ovals, white gloves, yellow shoes, black fur and tan skin.

In his withered form, he more identical to Bon from "The Walten Files" because he is missing his lower arms and legs, exposing 4 tall wooden mannequin like limbs with razor sharp claws. He appears darker with some of the suit's fabric popping out and his eyes in a random direction. He's also missing his left oval and has some tiny rips on his pants.


Mick the Mouse activates at 1AM on Night 2. He first starts in Storage, then he will tramp to the Meat Freezer and then the Office. The player can either shut off a camera or hide under the desk to survive.

Failing to do so will result in Mick jumpscaring the player, ending the game.


Mick the Mouse is not to be confused with Mickey Mouse. He obviously based off the character, however are not the same related character nor share the same universe.

Mick has his own lore and story in his universe. (which you can learn more about it in a Scratch VHS series, link below)

Mick the Mouse was modeled in Scratch.

Mick the Mouse in his withered design is missing his lower limb materials, leaving exposed puppet like limbs. This is because the suit itself has a puppet inside that helps the person control it.

It's also because the creator based this character around The Walten Files animatronics in their withered state.

In storage his eyes are in a different direction. It's unknown why.

Just like my other characters I've created, he is free to use in any fangame or stuff, just give credit.

Mick doesn't make noises, excluding his jumpscare noise.

A secret easter egg is revealed which happens rare. It shows what appears to be Withered Mick but with a transparent head which reveals a cat's skull.

This might mean that a cat has been stuffed inside the Mick suit and is now possessing the suit. (This isn't canon to the other VHS story though.)

Mick has his own place in a alternate universe of Abandoned Discovery Island; Nothing bad happened in Abandoned Discovery Island at that universe.

In some redesign artwork; Mick has brown irises, more fluff, rat-like buck teeth, a longer snout, eyelashes, cream ears in some drawings, and sometimes whiskers.

In some images, Mick is depicted with blood splattered all around him. (Mostly to do with murdering and stuffing someone in a suit)

Gallery and Audio

Jumpscare scream
Mick's jumpscare roar.

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