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This following page is a joke page, and is not meant to be taken seriously, in any way, shape or form. This page's content may also wildly vary and NOT pertain to the subject of A:DI or FNaTI. Thank you for reading this warning.

Mickay Meuse is an fan-made joke antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.



Mickay Meuse looks like Normal Mickey Mouse, but more retarded. he has height mouth, and he has dumb eyes.


Mickay Meuse actives on Night 4 or Joke Night 6. He will start in Character Prep 1 alongside with Photo-Negative Mickey, Disembodied, and Willy standing when he inactive. If he active, He will standing and look at you (same as Normal Mickey Mouse and Willy). Then he go to Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Lounge, and Finally the Office. If he in the Office, the player must shut off the camera or shut off the power or else he will jumpscaring the player and the result is game over.

When he move he will say:

"I'm Coming for ya"

"Ya think I can actually leave ya alone?"

"I can see ya for using camera, shut off the power and hide"



He will start in Character Prep 1, then Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Lounge, and finally the Office.



  • He also shared Acephalous screech, but high pitch but it is unused so jpanjos2 use kuledud3 video called Two Chicken One House
  • He is Normal Mickey Mouse but Retarded.