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Micker Is An Unofficial And A Fan-Made Antagonist In Abandoned : Discovery Island 2.0. , he is one of the enemies that starts inside the Storage Room , the other beings suits alongside Oswald , Ortensia , MickMick and Hourglass.


Micker looks like Photo-Negative Mickey and his appearance almost resembles to Mickey Mouse's appearance , except that his textures are made of 3-D Video Game Material Blocks And His Appearance Nearly Resembles To Photo-Negative Mickey , but his colors are yellow , orange , beige and white and he's having different coloring around his textures , and his textures look like he's in a classic , attractive 3-D video-game in the arcade. He has a little outstretched smile with his jaw dropped. He has sort of orange buttons on his shorts. His fur is pale beige , his shorts are the same coloring as his fur , and his torso and his legs and his arms and his ears are the same color as his fur. His gloves are yellow and sort of brown mixed up. His face is yellow and barely brown , He has a pale beige nose and his shoes his yellow and sort of brown mixed up together.


Micker Will Naturally Activate On Night 3 , But On Night 5 , if the player watches the Office for too long without pulling up the monitor. He will then appear in the Office. Micker Will Start Inside The Storage Room alongside with Oswald , Ortensia , MickMick and Hourglass. Then After That , he will exit the Storage Room and then he will eventually take his direct and his natural route to the Office. Then he will eventually move along to the Staff Area , then he will eventually go to the Meat Freezer , then he will sometimes go to the Lounge before appearing in the center of the Office , if he's spotted inside the Office Room , the only way to fend him off is to pull up the monitor and then shut off the cameras to make him go away , But Failing Or Neglecting to shut off any camera in the monitor in time will cause Micker Jump-Scaring Or Attacking The Player And Then It Will Result A Game Over.


  • Micker Looks Like A 3-D Trading Game In The Arcade.
  • Micker Is A 3-D Gaming Version Of Photo-Negative Mickey.
  • He is one of the rare enemies that Start inside the Storage Room , the other suits being Oswald , Ortensia , MickMick , And Hourglass.
  • If He's In The Office , he will have his arms outstretched.
  • Unlike Willy , he will instantly appear in the Office when the player watches the Office for too long without pulling up the monitor.

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