Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Hey everybody. It's me, Mickey Mouse!"~Mickey Mouse's popular line.

Mickey Mouse is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Treasure Island; which his appearance resembles Photo-Negative Mickey's.


This suit represents Mickey Mouse, one of Disney's main characters; and the new Disney character to replace Oswald (later made a final comeback to Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2); and Minnie Mouse's boyfriend. In Abandoned: Discovery Island, he is a suit based off that character.


Mickey starts off in Character Prep 1; along with Photo-Negative Mickey and Disembodied, but is initially seen standing at the left of the camera. Once he is about to leave, he will be seen facing the camera, with his hands on his legs.

While moving, echoing throughout the building, says "Hi there," or "Hey," or will laugh.


Mickey Mouse starts off in Character Prep 1, which it then goes onto the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Staff Lounge, the into the Office; which like Photo-Negative Mickey; he will appear at the two entrances of the Office.


  • Mickey is like the Normal Mickey Suit; which the colors are the normal Mickey colors instead of Photo-Negative.
  • Unlike MickMick, Mickey doesn't have huge eye-sockets with human-like eyes.
  • Mickey Mouse is the only suit/toon who is active on Night 6, replacing Photo-Negative Mickey.
  • Mickey Mouse is the past version of MickMick, as MickMick back in the past.
  • Mickey Mouse is one of the workers.
  • Mickey Mouse is also Photo-Negative Mickey, just with his colors retained normal in: "Back To Past".
  • Mickey Mouse will jumpscare the player, however, the game will end alternatively, if the player ends Night 6, on 6.AM, the whole game will end good: hence the "Good Ending", unlocking All Extra Nights, and unlocking the Trophies.
  • Past Mickey only appeared in the Remastered 1.0 and 2.0 version of Five Nights at Treasure Island.