Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Before Treasure Island was made they made props of Mickey, Minnie, Oswald, Goofy, Donald and Daisy to set the mood up. At night they are possessed.


Just Like Mickey Mouse but as a prop instead. His bottom jaw is also missing.


He starts in Character Props 1/2 and will rarely look at the camera, making a little giggle. In Character Props 2 he can be seen lying on the floor as a rare occasion. If Disembodied is in Office while Mickey Prop is on Character Prep 1/2 Mickey Prop will be close to the camera.

Burnt Ending

In the Burnt Ending he can be seen in front of Greg when Greg is trying to crawl to the exit (as fire is surrounding the top). When Greg gets to the exit he will stop at a prop's standup pole. He gets up and notices the Mickey Prop. The background fades to white, so will Greg and Mickey Prop as they also fade to white. Then it shows a picture of Mickey Prop Lying down on the floor, burnt. Hellbound Memmie can be seen nearby him.


Character Prep 1/2 on any night.