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Mickeypuppet (formely MickPuppet) is a fan-made character in Five Nights at Treasure Island 4 and Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Mickeypuppet is a multi-textured animatronic in Photo Negative Mickey's Family Diner in Five Nights at Treasure Island 4

Appearance in Abandoned: Discovery Island


Behavior in FNATI 4

Mickeypuppet starts in the Mickeypuppet's Room, and slowly travels to the Dining Area, Happy Mouse's Cove, and then The Office. If he's directly in front of the window, The Player must shut off the power, click the smoke button or shut off the cameras. If he is at the far the door, The Player can either hide under the desk or close the door

Quotes in FNATI 4

Occasionally, he will speak, but his words are reversed. His lines, if set to normal, are as follows:

''Where's the Birthday Boy''

''What are you doing here alone''


  • Mickeypuppet is one from animatronics that are capable of speaking, the others animatronics in Five Nights at Treasure Island 4 being Photo Negative Mickey, Dark Oswald, Toonybot, Normal Photo Negative Minnie, Suicide Mouse, Normal Mickey Mouse, Lockjaw (TRTF 3 Version), Happy Mouse, Tammy (from Six Horrrors 2), Chuck the Cheetah, Bella (from Five Nights at Chuck's Chapter 1), Normal Minnie Mouse, Normal Goofy, Goofy and Toy Toony (from Six Horrors 2)
  • He is voiced by Brutez in FNATI 4


The Music Box's melody heard in FNATI 4