Midnight Sparkle

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Midnight sparkle is an antagonist and one of the demons in Abandoned Discovery Island other serious True mickey.


His appearance is the same in the movie, so he has the same outfit seen in equestria girls 3, apart he keeps his fire hair and his horn together his bright eyes are the same.

Behavior 1

She starts at the entrance room but will not be seen until she activates along with corruptus. when it has been activated it travels all discovery island to take to all except true mickey and the corruptus, she will invoke different portals in your office so that they can enter your office, nevertheless when the portals have appeared you have to write on your MAGIC keyboard to do this the portals will close for 2 minutes, but if you do not manage to close all the portals at the same time the other enemies will attack you ending with a game over.

Behavior 2

When you have closed the portals she will get angry causing you to go to your office to kill you. When you enter your office quickly you have to turn off the power to not be killed otherwise the portals may reappear.

Behavior 3

When you turn off the power you will invoke myster mouse to restore the energy but you have to hide under the desk so that you can not restore the energy otherwise go as above.


  • She will curiously help corruptus and myster mouse to kill you another character who does this is True Mickey.
  • She would originally start in Depths but it was changed because she preferred to be located in the entrance room.
  • She would not originally talk but I decided that if she spoke.


you can't hide from us.

Your soul will be my.

Now I understand magic.

Here is more corrupted magic.

Unlike you i can have everything i want.


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