Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


He is a fan made Antagonist in A:DI.


He is actually an unknown Suit with a top hat and a lightsaber. He has no eyes as well.


He starts in Storage Room before moving to Meat Freezer, Staff Area and CP1 Before Appearing in the office. The player needs to shut off a camera or hide under the desk otherwise he will kill the player.


StorageRoom, Meat Freezer, Staff Area and CP1 before appearing in the office.


"Give them back this mickey"

"Cuphead and FNaTI equals MLG"

"Do you even know DAGames?"

"Shhh! Im doing a 360 Noscope on an Acephalous!"

"YEAH BOI!!!!!!!!!"


▪He is so MLG that even he can rekt you in the face.

▪He is actually friends with Rebooted Mouse.

▪When doing a review on him he always says "Star Wars 391 Order Da Spongebob".

▪He likes The Loud House and Spongebob Squarepants.

▪His favourite creepypasta is Abandoned By Disney.

▪when he sees a ROBLOX truck he screams "492 ROBLOX ALLEY 483 ORDER THE LINCOLN LOUD!"

▪His favourite game is Super Mario Odyessey.

▪His least favourite game is Happy Mouse 3.

▪he has no life.

▪his quote "YEAH BOI!!!!!!" is the name of the longest YEAH BOI video.


▪There is a screen you can get when typing in "3"6"0 on the menu that shows him ordering Doritos to bendy.

▪He has no hwart but he has the MLG 360 heart.