Mike smith is a Worker of the SSA , Calling You on Night 1 (Fan Made) .

Phone Call

Uh hello? Hello , hello? Uh, hello, and welcome to the Supernatural Studies Assosciation! Um , you must be the new intern! Uh, I'm a person in the assosciation who helps out alot,  I am Mike Smith , uh , and I am the youngest worker in the assosciation, around..... 20-21  Years old. Now, today, we are looking at an abandoned park Disney made a while ago, uh called Treasure Island... or was it Discovery Island? I can't remember... heh... we have already set up cameras for you... Now what is interesting, is that there are suits that are very old... around 45 years old... heh, and they STILL roam around at night... uh like that Inverted colored Mickey suit... If a suit enters your office , try shutting off a camera, it lures the suit out of your office... also , be sure to check out Cam number 4, from time to time... The rabbit suit which was unfinished and named Oswald is interesting in the fact that he becomes more active in the dark because of his colors , which makes him harder to track... I guess he doesn't like being seen... I dunno.... Anyways, i am sure it wont be a problem, goodnight!

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