MinMin is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Her appearance is that of Minnie Mouse suit, but the only difference is that she has eye sockets with small human eyes in it, similar to MickMick's.


Her behavior is the same as Minnie Mouse.

When moving, she will say these phrases:

  • MickMick? Is that you?
  • Who are you, night guard?
  • Hiding secrets from me, eh?
  • I'm like some of the others... am I?

When she's saying he fourth quote, she means that she is "related" to MickMick, True Mickey, and other human eyed suits.


  • She is connected with MickMick in some way
  • Her second quote is making Jake Smith a "stranger"
  • She must be asking MickMick where he is.
  • There is a rare chance when both MinMin and MickMick are holding hands when they are active at the same time.
  • There is another rare chance when MickMick responds to MinMin when she says her first quote.
  • Having both of them in the Office will trigger both of their jumpscares.
  • She appears to be the only suit in the night to only have questions as quotes.


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