Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Her Promo


She Is A Minnie Suit But She Has Teeth On Her Mouth, She Has Red Animatronic Eye Which Is Strange, She Has 2 Eyeballs On Her Clothes, She Also Has 3 Miniature Version Of MickMick On Her Clothes, She Has Second Teeth Attached In Her Clothes And Also Has White Hand, She Has Past Mickey Head With Red Eye And She Has Claw On Her Right Arm.


She Start On Character Prep 2, Then She Moves To Storage Room, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Lounge And Office, To Prevent Her You Must Shut Off Camera, Failling Or Neglecting She Will Kill You.


  • Like The Donald And Unknown Mickey She Was An Normal Minnie Suit Until Someone Vandalized It.
  • She Sometimes Laugh But Crying Like Pn Minnie.
  • She Probably Has Endoskeleton On Her Head.
  • She Never Instanly Goes To Office And Instead She Always Goes To Lounge.