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The retains its appearance of the series (gravity falls) but has the design of MikuMikuDance as well as the louds and his sister mabel, Dipper retains his pine cap, his bag mariono blue, red shirt and gray pants.


He will start in the storage room and then move to get you from storage room to staff area, meat freezer, lounge and the office. When this in your office you will have to turn off the power to repel it if you turn off a camera or you hide under the desk dipper attack, apart if you keep looking at dipper 3 seconds in some of the cameras that is located or located will be depleted by more or minus 30 seconds causing other suits, humanoids, demons, hallucinations to go easier for you.

When moving, he speaks one of these quotes:

"Hello friend..."

"you do not think it was a mistake to come here..."

"This place is very strange..."

"Do not try to escape from us..."

"The spirits of this place are full of pure vengeance..."

"Mabel, where are you?"


Storage room ➝ Staff area ➝ Meat freezer ➝ Lounge ➝ The office


  • The same as another character has several or two versions of the original.
  • Instead of having a jumpscare you have a screamer like Mmd lucy or other characters.
  • Originally he would have the foxy gameplay of fnaf 1 but to not copy me and have not misused that gameplay I changed it to deactivate camera and turn off the power.
  • Dipper if he had a jumpscare which was based on one of the jumpscares of five nights at eth's but in the end it is change for a screamer.

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