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Mmd lori loud is a antagonist in Abandoned discovery island is based in MikuMikuDance models and The loud house character's


She has her features intact except for more or less her hair, since the rest of her body and face are the same, obviously she is a MikuMikuDance model just like the other loud's.


She starts in the Floor two cam, she takes 15 seconds to change the camera even though in cam 5 she has 2 frames and 2 also in cam 1 of Floor two, to avoid her attack you have to shine her in the eyes, although there is a 55 % that hiding you worked if you do not do one of the two things above can attack you and lose the game.


MMD_Lori_loud will starts in Cam 5 of Floor two after Cam 1 and finish in the office.


  • curiously she has two versions her version MMD lori and a version of her virtual style by Lisa loud.
  • She will initially have the gameplay of Music Man in the Ultimate custom night,
    • but in the end it was not used and it was changed by the one of lighting it in the face that now has this gameplay of Music man is Leni loud.
  • At the beginning it was going to be a suit like the other loud's but in the end the idea was changed because in my opinion it was repetitive to see pure costumes and very few humanoid demons or other beings...

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