Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


MMD-Lynn-Loud or Lynn Loud is a humanoid in Abandoned: Discovery Island


MMD_Lynn_Loud retains her clothes seen in the series, but it's physics is similar to that of the MikuMikuDance designs. Her eyes disappear like most of the louds is very high not as much as Undying but it reaches the shoulders.


MMD Lynn Loud starts cam 6 of Floor two and then cam 3 of Floor two, cam 1 and cam 8 bone the office of Floor two before she looks out to see if she's there, you have to hide behind the closet if you do not hidden she will attack you winning a game over.

When moving. he speaks on of these quotes

"Do not try to stop me..."

"your insignificant life will end..."

"Why are you here..."


MMD Lynn Loud start in night 3 (pirate caverns) start en cam 6 cam 3 cam 1 cam 8 and finish in the office.


  • In the beta lynn along with the loud's would start on Floor 1 along with the guard
  • She is very fast that the others in the cameras only stay for 15 seconds
    • But in the beta it was slower because it stayed 45 seconds per camera
  • She is the 3rd loud house character to be made
    • She is the 1st loud house character to have a model.