Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Molten Cavern is a room deep under the Discovery Island building. It's where the lava is hot and where the Molten Suits lurk. And it's almost like hell and it has a hellish look with molten material stuffed around.

Starting Suits

The molten suits/molten enemies that start inside the molten cavern are :

The Molten Suits Will Be Onto Or Laying At The Grungy Floor , and that's where the molten suits start at before then they will appear on the other cameras in the monitor.

Appearing Suits

Somewhat the other suits does not appear on this hidden caverned area location because the other suits does not like it inside because it's unpleasantly hellish in their appearance , except for the ones that are melted just like the other molten suits inside the molten cavern.

The suits that can appear inside the molten cavern are :