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Molten Photo-Negative Mickey is a scrapped version of PNM which he was planned to appear in Abandoned: Discovery Island. Nothing is much known about him.


His model seems look like The Face, but his colors are inverted and has a creepy smile and he is completely molten.


He would start from The Roof and proceed to your office by crawling through the vents. That's all information we know about him.


  • According to it's files, he seems he would jumpscare the player with his killscreen and crash the game.
  • His model was somehow poorly made and didn't made into game. That's the possible reason of being scrapped.
  • He is big time similar to Photo Negative Face
  • He was also planned to return in Nightmare Before Disney.
    • However for unknown reasons, he was scrapped.
  • It is unknown how to defend against him since the creator didn't know about his mechanic.
  • His appearance is similar to Molten Mickey