Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia
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Go to FANTI Monster Before Nightmare Monster Oswald is a fan-made antagonist of Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He is Dark Oswald, except No Leg, Get Arms but Arms Notly, Get Red Eyes

Behavior (ADI)

He will active in Night 3 at 3AM. Monster Oswald start in Discovery Prep Room, Then Spare Room, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Lounge, and finally the Office.If he in the Office, the Player must hide under the desk or he will jumpscare the Player and the result is game over.


  1. Discovery Prep Room
  2. Spare Room
  3. Staff Area
  4. Meat Freezer
  5. Lounge
  6. Office

Behavior (MBN)

He is Start on Night 2 in CAM 5, then goes to CAM 12, CAM 4, CAM 5, CAM 6, then the office, you must hide under the desk to keep them away, otherwise you will get jumpscared by either of them.