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Monster Photo-Negative Mickey (AKA MPNM) is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He is Photo-Negative Mickey, except He is Headless, Yellow Blood Fall Top His Body. his arms is replaced by a spikes.

Behavior (ADI)

MPNM activates, he starts on the Roof, then he moves into the Staff Area, then into the Office, where the player will have to shut off a camera or he will kill them, hiding in the desk has a 20% chance for survival, But during a blackout its a 50% chance of Survival. When moving he will say one of the following :

  • "You Fall to USA"
  • "CCA is Home to Most Evill Killer in World"
  • "Stop"
  • "Stop" (Note: He most Eco Moving)
  • 'Die"

You must hide under the desk to avoid his attack. Failing to do so in under 1 seconds, this will result in a jumpscare

Behavior (MBN)

He Start Night 1 in CAM 1 then goes to CAM 5,CAM 2,CAM 12,CAM 10, then the office. When he is in the Office, Shut Off a Camera otherwise you get jumpscared.


Shade's Appearance

  • He like Non-Shade but Black Blood

normal Trivia

  • Unlike He From MBN. No Go to CAM UP To 12.
  • It is unknown how He speaks without her head.