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Morky Mouse is one of the antagonists in Abandoned: Discovery Island: Version 3.5. Which his appearance resembles to The Blood Mouse Costume.


Morky Mouse is based off the original dog under the name: "Morky", the creator of this character suit/toon is currently unknown. Morky Mouse is told apart from The Blood Mouse Costume, because CAMs Morky Mouse enters is a bit darker than the other CAMs The Blood Mouse Costume accesses throughout. He really doesn't talk when he's active.


Morky Mouse appears to be a variation of The Blood Mouse Costume with a carmine/maroon face skin, and a pink tongue, and black-buttoned pink pants, and also a brighter tan and black gloves, and white fur and white ears. His usual eyes are replaced with normal Mickey Mouse glossy, glowing-like eyes.


Morky Mouse has the same behaviour as Photo-Negative Mickey, but this type of one is much more different, and also a little aggressive and dangerous. He becomes active on Night 5, but starts to become a threat towards Night 2. He takes a slight path to CAMs, but he starts in the Abandoned Storage lying down, he eventually stands up when he gets active. Any room he enters in his path turns coloured-turquoise, he can also teleport to most CAMs, and can enter The Office before the 2.AM timer begins.

Unlike Most Suits/Toons, Morky Mouse is told apart from The Blood Mouse Costume, because CAMs Morky Mouse enters is a bit darker than the other CAMs The Blood Mouse Costume accesses throughout.

While Morky Mouse is active, you will be hearing him saying one of these quotes:

  • "Real suffering... is still unknown!"
  • "No one is here... to save us..."
  • "Hi! Wanna see my head come off...?"
  • "Welcome to Treasure Island!"
  • "Too bad... you're not going to escape."
  • "GOODBYE...!!!"

Whenever Morky Mouse gets inside The Office, the whole office light will flicker turquoise when he's inside the room, with Morky Mouse at the right Office door exit with his outstretched arms. Seven hallucinations will appear, remaining for 0.2 seconds:

  • The first hallucination is Morky Mouse starring at the player while he's on The Roof.
  • The second hallucination is him putting his hands on his head.
  • The third one is him taking his head off, with pinkish/maroon leaking blood from his head.
  • The fourth one is him tilting his head downwards with his arms raising his hands and arms out.
  • The fifth one is him turning/tilting his head leftwards with his arms raising up again.
  • The sixth one is him looking at the player again, but is a bit looking leftwards with his arms going leftwards.
  • The last/seventh one is his shade/ink-blot appearing as a ghost, with his empty, widened eye-holes, and his arms retching towards if attacking the player, and his body is almost invisible.

To prevent Morky from attacking the player, you must shut/turn off CAMs 15, 7, 3, 1, 11, 4, 8, 9, 2, 5, 10 or 6 to avoid him out, or either hide under the desk. Cutting the power will only have 0.75% chance of surviving. If the player doesn't prevent his attack in time, or denied on doing those, or is otherwise too slow on doing it will result in Morky Mouse's jumpscare.

Morky Mouse only takes his path into empty, direct CAMs, almost like how Blood Mouse does. But this only applies for Unfinished Oswald's legs visible, lying down behind the boxes, and Oswald's ears visible on top of the boxes, and also Goofy's head in the Meat Freezer, which appears to be a better advantage to the player, unlike Blood Mouse and The Blood Mouse Costume.


Morky Mouse starts lying down in the Abandoned Storage. He eventually stands up before heading toward the Broadcasting Room, then travels to Character Prep 1, then to the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer. Which he can take 3 paths: He can either go to the Bathroom, or either go toward the Lounge before heading to The Office at the left exit, or gets straight to the right Office exit. He can also go toward the other locations, CAMs listed in no particular order:

  • Janitor's Closet
  • Character Prep 2
  • Pirate Caverns Entrance
  • Storage Room
  • The Roof


  • Morky Mouse's name is originally taken from the original dog toon: Morky.
  • Morky Mouse appears to have a good-roled connection to The Blood Mouse Costume, however, he also has a somewhat connection to Blood Mouse.
  • Morky Mouse was supposed to be formerly referred as "Morky", but that name was already taken by a dog.
  • Morky Mouse is just a Mickey Mouse suit/toon, not just being a dog under the name referred as "Morky".
  • But his promo applies as P.N Mickey with just a pink, purple and all the girly colour schemes.
  • Occasionally, he name is shortened to "Morky", "Morky Mickey", "Mork", or either his nickname: "Morke", "Micke", "Mork P.N Mickey" and "Mok".