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Mortie is an character that appears in Five Nights at Treasure Island Reimagined, it's a combination of Morty and Ferdie, ya know, Mickey's nephews!


Mortie appears as an conjoined Photo Negative suit, along with the heads, one seems fine and the other has no eye and has withered out and no nose.


Mortie appears in Character Prep 1 along with PN Mickey and Disembodied. He is lying down with PNM (Because they are nephews), when he stands up, he only moves when you're not on camera, sometimes that may cause Felecity Fieldmouse to show up, but that's an story for another day. If Mortie gets into the office, then you have to turn off the lights so he could think nobody is there. If you fail, then it's game over.


  • Mortie is based on Morty and Ferdie.