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''We still need our equipment ready.''

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Mortimer The Mouse Is A Fan-Made Antagonist In Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He wears a green shirt with white strips on it, he wears a pair of pale coloured pants with orange buttons, black shoes and a brown hat with a black strap. He has a stash and eyebrows. His eyes have also been distorted.


He will start at Night 5 in the Storage Room and make his way to the office. When he is in the office, hide under the Desk otherwise you will get jumpscared.

Lisa's Phone Call

" Hey Jake, its me again! So we found a costume of Mortimer from as i can remember from that episode called "Have a Laugh!". It seems to be missing its eyeballs but the thing is, we saw him stand up instanly when we found him but he did not move after that. As you might heard, Jack had gone missing Yesterday. Its really importent that you find him. He might be in Pirate Caverns. Anyways Thats all i have to say. See ya! (phone closes) "

-Lisa's Final Phone Call (Fan-Made)


  • His Model took 5 Days To Make



Pirate Caverns