Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Mouse'O'Soul is a Combination of all Mickeys. Inside the body the remains of 4 employees control it.


Mouse'O'Soul (also known as The Cage) is a fan made antagonist. The Mickey Mouse mangle demon was created by 4 employees. However an error went wrong and the suit trapped the souls of the employees. After 25 years the suit was burned during the events of Treasure Frightland. The suit came back as this devil, haunting those who trespass.


He is a burnt Mickey Mouse suit containing the burnt heads of Mickey Mouse, P.N Mickey, Showtime Mickey and P.N Mickey's Shade. He contains the remains of 4 employees during the making. Each one also has a yellow eye like the heads from FNaF 3's bad ending and SoulCage's. Like SoulCage from Dormitabis, a green aura possesses the eyes on cameras. The aura makes the suit's eyes glow in the dark and make the body a bit more visible. The legs are also similar to SoulCage's, however the Mickey Mouse boots are added.


He starts in Storage Room before going through 3 positions (1: Neutral) (2: Box Lid nearly opening showing one of the heads) (3: Out of the box), after those positions he goes Meat Freezer, CP1, Bathroom and Lounge before appearing at the office. Hide under the desk/Shut off a camera/turn the power off otherwise he kills the player.


▪He is heavily based off SoulCage from Dormitabis.

▪Also, as another reference. He has 4 heads similar to SoulCage.

▪He has friends (those pages are coming soon).