Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"It appears we have a walking skeleton, what in the hell is wrong with this company?" -Unknown Caller


Mr. Spooks is a special Halloween antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Mr. Spooks is a walking skeleton. (Possibly one of the skeletons from the old Disney cartoons) He wants to scare people like he did to Mickey, (Again, old Disney cartoons) he comes out when the Halloween moon strikes (AKA Spooky Night) or when the player types in "G-3-T-S-P-0-0-K-Y-W-1-T-H-M-E" in the main menu, any night will be replaced with Spooky Night, and if it is Halloween there will be Halloween decorations all over the place.


Mr. Spooks acts similar to the humanoids but he starts on the roof, then he would rarely go to the lobby, and then ends up in the office. The player must hide under the desk or Mr. Spooks will end up spooking the player. (Or jumpscaring if you want to put it to that)


  • "Mr. Spooks" is a nickname for the skeleton, for his real name is unknown.
  • He isn't connected to anybody.
  • He has a jumpscare but it is like Golden Freddy's from FNAF 2.
  • He is meant to be a special Halloween character in Abandoned Discovery Island.