Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


He seems to be a Skull inside a Grayscale Mickey suit, he also has a Sign he brings everywhere, and a Mickey head similiar to Suicide Mouse, but the eyeholes are widened, and he wears a purple bow-tie.


Mr. Skull starts at Night 5, but he will become deadlier when as the nights go on, he will sometimes wear his Mask to try and fool The Player into thinking its Suicide Mouse, or greet the suits.

When moving, he will be saying the following quotes:

"Hey There ol' pal!"

"Wow...this place looks like hell"

"I can totally see you there"

"Hey Nerd! Lets play Bingo!"

"Gee...its been long since ive worked here!"

His Shade quotes:

"You shouldnt have turned the lights off..."

"You will soon share the same fate as me..."

"i will tear your body apart..."

When he turned into his Shade form, he could appear in the monitor in The Office ( like Shade Suicide Mouse ), and will sometime appear on the Desk, the player must use the Flashlight to make him go away, neglecting to will cause him to Angrily Jumpscare him 


Mr Skull will start in the Storage Room, then he will move to Staff Area ( rarely in Character Prep 1 and Broadcasting Room ), then he will move to the Meat Freezer , he will then either teleport to The Roof or to the Lounge , he then will go to The Office


  • Mr Skull was a Worker named Max, who went missing for 5 years, only to be found dead inside a Grayscale Mickey suit with his rotting Flesh-like Skull 

  • Mr Skull is one of the nicer suits in Treasure Island
  • He was originally going to have a Fleshy Skull, but this idea was scrapped 
  • His Shade appearance has a similiar look to Shade Photo-Negative Mickey, the difference is the blood in the mask, a Fleshy Skull, and Grayscale Colored
    • The Mask also has a Widened eyes
    • His Shade appearance refers to his body when found by some workers