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Mutant Mickey

Mutant Mickey is a fan made antagonist of Abandoned Discovery Island and is the one who killed Jake's parents (although Jake's father was saved by Photo-Negative Mickey and became Undying)


Mutant Mickey is a mutated Mickey Mouse suit with mouths on his ears, one on the left and two on the right, a stomach mouth, a long tongue with sharp teeth, and mandibles and has hooks on two of his four arms while the other two have claws and has lumps and spikes on his head and legs and two human eyes and one demon eye on his head And two spikes on his back and two on his left shoulder along with two heads, one on each side.


Mutant Mickey starts in Character Prep 1 and then will make his way to the office and can appear in the following rooms

  • Staff Area
  • Storage Room
  • The Roof
  • Character Prep 2

If Mutant Mickey is in the office, hiding and deactivating the power won't work, so instead shut off a camera and then he will leave or else he will kill you