Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


He Is Oswald But Has 2 Heads, His Second Head Is Faceless, And First Head Has Distorted Eye, A Human Eye And A Spike Covering The Eye, Also He Has 5 Leg, Has 3 Hand, A Spike On Middle Body,


He Active On Night 3 And Pirate Caverns, He Start On Storage Room, Then He Go To Staff Area, Then He Move To Meat Freezer, He Can Move To Lounge Or Instant Go To Office, If He In Your Office, You Must Shut Off Camera, Failling Or Doing Nothing He Kill You, In Pirate Caverns He Start On Floor 5, If You See Him You Must Move To Another Place Or He Kill You


"Where Are You?"

"Im Gonna Find You"

"Im Gonna Kill You" In Pirate Caverns He Said: "Im Back And Ill Find You"

"I Hate You"


  • He Hate Jake
  • He Has Only Have 5 Voices