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N64 Photo-Negative Minnie Is A Fan-Made Antagonist In Abandoned: Discovery Island.


She Is PN Minnie But In The Nintendo 64 style. She's been simplefied a bit for The N64 styles.


She Will Start In Cam 3 And make her way to the Office. When She Goes in The Office, play the minigame that pops up in the Cameras or she will crash the game by the jumpscare screen.

Greg's Phone Call

" Hey Bud, It's me again. So uhh... we found a Nintendo 64 in the pirate caverns for some reason but it looked like it's smashed open. I don't know who put that but we might call some workers who got fired before the placed closed. An- What was that? ..... What in the- (Phone Closes)"

-Greg's Final Phone Call (Fan-Made)



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