Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Photo Negative Melted Ralph is a fan made antagonist in ADI 2.0.


Photo Negative Melted Ralph is starting at the Roof where he is at the top of the sky. He starts at the Storage Room where Dark Oswald is. Photo Negative Melted Ralph is killing the player when he appears The Office.


The Appearance is like that of the movie called Wreck-It Ralph except it has Photo Negative colors and has no feet because it is melted like most ADI 2.0 characters have a voice but it is very distorted and unintelligible.


When Photo Negative Melted Ralph will be starting on the Roof and enter your Office to kill you, if you are in your Office, you have to Hide under the Desk but it must be when you hear a hard hit, specifically before it enters your office if you do not hide you will be attacked obtaining a game over.


  • When you are in the Ralph game in your Office, you will hear the song of it's a small world after other characters produce some songs which are Happy Mouse and Suicide Mouse.
  • Curiously, sometimes he gets to talk to Vanellope even though originally this would only happen at night 5.
  • The scream he makes when killing you is the same one that produces Squidward tentacles of Five Nights At Nick's but this is because he has a body in him.
  • Its gameplay would be a compromise between impure mouse and the face.
  • He is based on a character called Photo Negative Melted Mickey but if he has his right arm and is not so melted.