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As its name implies, the costume is actually a Mickey Mouse character costume with Photo-Negative coloring. It is unknown why it was colored as such. It contains all of the Classic Mickey Mouse features, such as circular ears, a small pointed tail, a pointed nose, a large grin, buttoned pants, shoes, and gloves. If reversed, it shows Mickey Mouse's original colors.


He Starts at CAM 3. His Timer Starts in 3 AM if Character Prep is Empty. He Goes to the Broadcasting Room, Lounge, Storage Room, Meat Freezer and Finaly the Office. And everywhere he goes to the rooms it turns Photo-Negative.


When he moves, he can say some of the following quotes:

  • "Smell your Death"
  • *Weird Gibbrish sounds*


  • He is also anow as Disneyland Park Photo-Negative Mickey.
  • Some sounds is a reversed and low pitch version of The Lucky Mouse.
  • In The Lounge, the other Mickey is a reference to Corruptus in the Staff area.
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