Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Photo Negative Vanellope is a fan made antagonist in ADI 2.0.


The Appearance is from Wreck-It Ralph. it's Photo Negative Vanellope Von Schweetz suit, but it has Photo Negative Colors and it is missing her left leg.


When Photo Negative Vanellope Activates, it will spawn in The Pirate Caverns Entrance and follow up with The Lounge. After that it will go to The Office. When it’s in your Office, you have to hide for 6 seconds unless it will jumpscare you and because it’s game over.


Photo Negative Vanellope's model was ripped from Disney Infinity by Ecelon and Mystie. Photo Negative Vanellope was a bit based of Photo Negative Melted Ralph by Zombiker.