Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

His promo. (Note: It's in Roblox game called FNaTI RP.)


Neon negative acephalous is basically photo negative acephalous but in neon.


He can start in the Storage room or Character Prep 2, he is seen crawling in both camera but in the Storage room, he can be seen behind the crates and in Character Prep 2, he is in the same position as Normal Mickey Suit, then he will move to he Staff Area in the bottom right of the camera then he moves to the Meat Freezer holding the Goofy head in his right hand, then he will enter The Office, you must hide under the desk or he will kill you. His jumpscare sound is the same as acephalous but with a G-major and echo filter with it.


  1. Welcome to a hellhound Disney resort all you need to sign up is just some paperwork and your soul.
  2. I see you don't like it here and nether do we.
  3. Welcome to Disney we'll suck the soul out of you.
  4. Admit it, you don't want to be here.


  • Similar to Willy, his voice does not have a echo and his voice gets deeper toned. For example, when he says "And your soul.".
  • His shade is just him again but all the blue on him is a different shade of red.
  • He was originally made by LegoCatKoolaid. (And not Cringeo lol.)