Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


New Blood mouse is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island RP.


New Blood mouse he has two sharp wings that he can fly now his wings are way sharper than the Japanese sword.


New Blood mouse first starts at the Broadcasting Room then he will go to character prep 1 staff area meat freezer lounge and the office like Blood mouse after you complete the night their will be a battle where blood mouse will try to cut the player in half with his sharp wings and he will throw the powerful knife the player will have to Dodge the powerful knife from blood mouse after blood mouse is half life he will go extreme hard on you. you have to dodge the knifes quick and when you defeat blood mouse he will say "how dare you defeat me no one defeats me I will come back soon and one day I will defeat you next time" then blood mouse teleports some where and the player will get the Blood Ending. but if the player lost the battle then blood mouse will laugh and will slice the player in half and the game crashes and the game will restart the whole night.


New Blood mouse is the true devil of treasure island he is powerful than the devil and other demons.

In his true form his body is covered in blood. in the second form his body is half dark blood. the final his body is full dark when he touches the floor everything will turn into blood and he will collect the blood and he gets stronger he also cannot die.