Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The "New Generation" Suits and Toons are fan-made redesigns of the Suits and Toons of Abandoned: Discovery Island. These redesigns are to make them more accurate to their actual Disney counterparts.


Photo-Negative Mickey

New Generation Photo-Negative Mickey wears a white jacket over a black undershirt, along with light blue pants instead of shorts, his pants' buttons would be round. He also wears a dark blue bow tie and white shoes. His gloves are still black, though, they have 3 white lines on them.


New Generation Photo-Negative Mickey remains almost the same as the original with a wide smile and eye sockets, but with the addition of this, he has yellow blood stains coming from his neck that go down his torso, he also has them on the bottom of his feet.

Dark Oswald

Oswald's redesign is almost the same, except he has an open smile. He still would not have arms.

Classic Oswald

Similar to Oswald's redesign, Classic Oswald would have an open smile. He also would not have arms.


Ortensia would have an open smile and green clothing instead of pink. She still would not have arms.

Suicide Mouse

Suicide Mouse's redesign would give him white shorts with round buttons on both the front and back, he'd also have a tail. He would occasionally smile.


His shade would look exactly like True Suicide, except he'd have blood stains all along his body.


MickMick's redesign would give him round yellow buttons, and a white face, similar to Ink-Blot MickMick. His gloves would also have three black lines on them.

Photo-Negative Minnie

Photo-Negative Minnie's redesign would have her light blue dress covered all over with black spots, her dress' collar would also be larger in a "U" shape and black. Her sleeves would extend to her elbows. Her slippers/heels would be dark blue. She'd also have light blue lipstick.


Along with the redesign, Willy's name would switch to "Willie", his redesign would consist of him not wearing gloves, and wearing his Steamboat hat.


Pluto would stand on two feet, and seem more anthropomorphic.


His shade would be based on Smile Dog.


Acephalous would be shorter to match the height of the other suits. He'd also have a small orange patch at the bottom of his right pant leg.


His shade would be based on The Rake.


Disembodied would wear his hat.


Daisy would wear her bow, and would have eyelashes.


Corruptus would have four arms, legs, and one ear. Along with his messed up textures, he'd also seem to be a mixture of the suit and toon version of Mickey Mouse.


  • The only suit or toon not to get a redesign, is The Face, this is because his design is based on the Retro Mickey Mouse Suit, therefore, there'd be no changes. The other being T̛͉̘̪͙̔́̽͑͜ru̲̱͕͗̀͘͜͡e̮͌ ̺͙̥́̀̂M͙̙͈̉͆̓͐͜i͎̣̠̮̭̊́̉́̚ck̨͆e̯̪̥͎͑̂͛̌y̢͚͉̒̓̚͟͡.̖͡͡ as he would look like he did but long pants, and a tuxedo and bowtie.