NightBunny is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island


NightBunny is a classic Oswald suit but with stained red pants, plastic eyes, pointed ears, claws and sharp teeth.


He starts in the Workshop laying down on a table, then he moves to the Treasure Island Graveyard, he enters the building through the bathrooms but you can't see it on camera, the Meat Freezer and finally the Office. The player must turn off a camera to get him to leave.



  • "God has abandoned me."
  • *Laugh*
  • "Abandon all hope all who enter here."
  • "This place was born of unfortunate events."
  • "The Devil is waiting."
  • "Jake..."
  • "I tried to warn you, I swear I did."


  • He is related to The Restless
  • He was created by a scientist
  • It's unknown if he's a suit or a toon
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