Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Suit who active in night 1

Jack o mickey and dipper pines


Night 1 is easy, if see dipper pines in middle close the door, but if he on left or righ you must shut the camera and dont forget to wind up jack o mickey,


Hey Who Are You?? Ok Thats It My Name Is Michael Kadsen, So You Know About Treasure Island Burned?, Yeah Someone Make New Of Treasure Island, Oh Yeah Beware Dipper Pines Suit, He Want Kill You Seems Weird, To Prevent Him You Must Shut The Camera Off And Close The Door If He On Middle, And Dont Forget About A Suit Like A Jack O, His Music Must Be Winded Up Or He Angry If Someone Didnt Make His Music Winded Up So You Must Winded Up His Music Okay?, Oh Yeah Goodbye and Goodluck -Michael Kadsen


The Cutscene Show Character Prep 2 With Dipper Pines And Mabel Pines, Then Suddenly He And She Looks You And Night 2 Started