Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


How To Access

You Need Go Drawer Of Pirate Caverns When U Check It, The Red Key Instead Of gold(only after beating custom night)And U Must Take It And Befriend The Face But U Dont Need Go Floor 3, And Go To Entrace When Ur Here First time and click "4447611" before 6am and starting night 156

Suit And Humanoid Who Active In Night 156

Bloody Johnny, 156 Mickey, GreyScale Ortensia, Taken Oswald <--- inspired by five night at gipsy 3, Burn The Face, Phobia Minnie, Nightmare HourGlass, Security Undying <--- inspired. By freadbear and friend left to rot, Phantom Acephalious, Jeff The Killer,

How To Protect Ur Self At Humanoid And Suit

If theres a suit u must flaslight his eye with exception Taken Oswald Which U Much Hide, If theres a humanoid u must hide, And the flaslight battery is limit