Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Suit Who active In Night 2

Jack O Mickey, Dipper Pines And Mabel Pines


Same As Night 1 But Jack O Mickey Music Box Will Down 20% Speed And Theres Mabel Pines, Whic She Must Shut Camera Or She Kill You


Hello Hello? Are You There? Oh yeaaah My Name Is Danny Robertson, You Must Be New Here As It Said Michael Kadsen, Yeahh Did You Know A Girl Suit Named Mabel Pines, Yeah She Is Maybe Active Now, If She At Your Office Just Shut Camera Because She Always Go Right Or Left Side, Oh Yeah Im Talk Michael Kadsen First, Good Luck


  • Sometimes Mabel Never Active
  • If U Go Character Prep 3 And Press Nose Of Mickey Mouse Costume You Will Teleported A MiniGame