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you mickey - dark face man

die mickey - dark face man


Unnamed Minigame , or dubbed as "night 3.5" by Richardy friends, is a minigame about how The demonic Rat came to be. The minigame starts off with a Mickey suit, presumed to be The Demonic Rat in the storage area. Upon moving, a spirit comes in and a textbox pops up saying "Die Mickey" The Hallucination has no choice but to follow said Greyscale Mouse and Greyscale Mouse's older son. The Greyscale Mouse's older son takes him through the wall and then he gets chained. Another spirit with the same body, i.e Gary's dad appears with a chainsaw then chainsaws him, killing the man inside. The screen turns black for 5 seconds and he reappears as The Demonic Rat's current body. He is now on the The office and Gary's dad appears again with the words "It will be better this way". The minigame then adruptly ends.


  • This minigame was originally called ''Demonic Rat's true Origin ''
  • This minigame was also gonna have Grayscale mouse's older son Gar be the 980th spirit, but that was changed.


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