Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

<tabber>Main=Night 3ourThe something is comingtonight is when most people revived in suits are going to kill you each with different gameplay obviously the slime suits the mutations and the monster will not attack you, however some suits will go for you much faster because without not catching the person will be eaten by slimes.In fact, spongebob is the only one that does not try to catch you, which does not happen in the previous nights and curiously in the night 5 will be converted into a slime suit.


  • This is the first night in which they begin to have a title which alerts something that will happen.
  • on this night is where the easter eggs are more frequent and where the hallucinations begin to appear you must in time.
  • When it's 4 am and you write on your keyboard F I N D you will hear a growl that says HELLO which may be that the easter eggs are greeting you.
  • On this night the vents are from a few places that begin to make a frightening sound.

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