Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Suits Who Active

Jack o Mickey, Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Greg, Unfinished Mouse, Photo Negative Willy And The Classic.


Same As Night 3 But More Harder Because Now Jack o Mickey Music Is Down Faster, The Previous Suits Will More Aggresive Than Before, Now Theres New Suit Like Photo Negative Willy And The Classic, Photo Negative Will Always Middle Or Left, If He Is On Left, You Must Shut Off Camera, But If He Is On Middle, You Must Close The Door, The Classic Will Always Right Or Middle, If He Is On Middle, Close The Door,But If He Is On Right, You Must Shut Off Camera.


"Hello Hello?Are You Alive? Well I Guess, Hey I Send This Message For You, Theres A Inverted Willy, He Always Goes To Middle Or Left, Just Shut Off Camera If He Is On Left Or Close The Door If He Is On The Middle, Also Theres A Inverted Mickey Mouse Suit But His Left Hand Is Missing And Has A Tophat And A Red Eye Too, He Always Goes To Middle Or Right, If You See Him In Middle Just Close The Door Or Shut Off Camera When He Is On Right, Well Thats It, By The Way This Place Is Bit Old Right? I Guess, By The Way Good Luck And Good Night!"


  • If You Press Cigarrete On Office Desk, You Will Teleported To A Minigame.