Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Night 5 Is 5th Night On Five Nights At Treasure Island:Finale, After Beating This Night, You Got 1 Star.


This Night Is Much More Harder And A New Suit Such Killer Olaf, Greyscale Ortensia, The Beak And Pluto, Killer Olaf And The Beak Will Always Go Left Or Right, Just Shut Off Camera If You See Him/Her, Also Greyscale Ortensi Will Always In Your Desk, Just Hide If You See Her On Your Desk, And Pluto Is Rarely Goes To Your Office, You Need Hide Otherwise Making A Bark Sound And Make Suit Very Faster.


"Hello Hello Hello? Are You There Again? This Is Michael Kadsen Again, I Just Wanna Say, This Place Gonna Be Vandalized, But YOU'RE IDIOT WHY YOU STILL THERE, HUH, ok ok ok You Know What Why This Place Gonna Vandalized? It Because People Didn't Like Treasure Island Anymore, Dude Just Survive And Get Out"


  • If You Press 6 Mickey Head, You Will Teleported To Minigame.
  • In 3 AM You Will Hear An Alarm.
  • In 5 AM You Will Hear An People About Vandalized This Place.