Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

<tabber>Main=Night 5 our cartoon in slimeis the one night before the night called 'The slimelodeon' in if night 5 is when slime mutations begin to activate to kill you, even some suits begin to disappear because the mutations of slime and the monster of slime they began to kill each one of them. And even hallucinations are more frequent on this night, SpongeBob is one of the few suits that were converted into slime suits to help the mutations and the monster to trap you.


  • Tonight was originally called You will save us. But that name was removed to that of night 4.
  • On this night Jimmy Neutron and Bob Sponge are the only suits turned into Slime since Stimpy is up to Night 6.
  • Curiously tonight is the one of the few that can not be seen easter eggs.
  • Tonight in originally I was not going to see energy until night 6 but it was changed because it was not very convenient to put it.

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