After Beat This Night, You Got 2 Star.




All Suit And Humanoid Are Active So Be Careful, You Can Wind Jack O Mickey Music Box In Some Tick Until Someone Is At Your Office, If Someone Is At Middle, Close The Middle Door But Remember It Has Limited Power, Shut Off Camera If Someone Is At Right Or Left, You Must Hide Under The Desk If Someone Is At Near Your Desk, Wind Jack O Mickey At Some Tick, Repeat.


  • If You Click FLASHBACK(Only If You Play All Minigame On 5 Nights)You Will Get A Flasback About This Place.
  • Some Suit May Not Active Due Bug.
  • Unfinished Mouse Is So Aggresive On This Night.
  • Night 6 Supposed To Be Take At Flashback Version Of This Place But The Creator Change The Mind.
  • Only This Night Has No Cutscene.
  • Theres A Joke Night 6 Only If You Click DANK On Title Screen, More Info Night 6(Fnati Finale)
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