Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia
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Note: This page includes 2 joke nights. (also ask before editing this page) (yes call this page cringe because, i hate this fucking page lol)

Night 666 is a joke night that is active if you complete these steps:

  1. Speak to Undying in his room
  2. Make Suicide Mouse your ally
  3. Survive Night 5

In this night your taken to a ROBLOX version of the demo map of FNATI where Bendy Prop and The Legendary Mr. Krabs will be.

And by completing this night will reward you a diamond star on the menu and Krusty Challenge is unlocked..

How to prevent Bendy Prop


Krusty Challenge

Krusty Challenge is another joke night where The Legendary Mr. Krabs will spawn.

It will contain the Abandoned Discovery Island map where he made his first appearance.

The Legendary Mr. Krabs can appear on both sides of the office.

And by beating this night will reward you a money bag in the menu.

Disembodied or Daisy can rarely make an appearance on this night.

This is based off the shadow challenge from Five Nights At Candy's 3.

How to prevent The Legendary Mr. Krabs