Night 6 our The Slimelodeon it is after night 5 remember that the people who revived in the suits had to catch the person to feed the slime monster, but since they did not manage to catch you in the night 5 the mutants and the slime monster ate the costumes but still So they wanted to eat the person if the slimes, including the slime suits, go to kill you or eat you and do not have to kill each other. So at the beginning of the night there will be a lot of hallucinations of all the costumes that died, and in the suits of sponge Bob, Stimpy, Jimmy Neutron, Angry Beavers and Dora got some slimes and slime suits originated this would be the last night but still missing the dream night which is the custom night of FNAN.


  • The hallucinations of the beginning is based on the insomnious night part 2 of tubbyland return.
  • the sound heard at the beginning of night 6 or the slimelodeon is the trumpet voice sound of Five nights at tubbyland 2.
  • At the beginning of the night originally there were several screams at the same time which are of all the costumes that died but he decided not to change to the hallucinations.

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